People in Waikiki beach enjoying near Stay Hotel Waikiki

"Life is a Beach"

Top Beaches on Oahu​

Oahu's 112 miles of coastline offer a variety of beaches. There are man-made lagoons like Ko Olina and rugged, undeveloped ones like Yokohama Bay. Oahu's beaches can be grouped into four areas: 

  • North Shore: Known for iconic surfing spots like Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach, including the Banzai Pipeline.
  • South Shore: Home to the famous Waikiki Beach, offering gentle waves and beautiful surroundings.
  • Westside (Leeward Coast): Peaceful beaches with calm surf, such as Ko Olina and Turtle Bay.
  • Eastside (Windward Coast): Discover popular yet unspoiled beaches like Waimanalo and Kualoa.

Oahu offers a paradise of beaches, catering to various preferences and activities. Here are some highlights: 

Sunset Beach

Famous for surfing in winter and calm waters in summer, with clear water and white sand.

Sandy Beach

A big surf spot with strong waves, popular for bodysurfing and bodyboarding.

Ehukai Beach

Home to the dangerous Banzai Pipeline surf spot, a great place to watch surfers.

Yokohama Bay

Known for its visual beauty, it's great for sunbathing and dolphin watching.

Kailua Beach

A three-mile stretch with calm waters, part of a 35-acre park.

Ko Olina

Features well-designed, man-made lagoons and family-friendly facilities.

Waimanalo Beach

A vast, four-mile beach on the east coast, perfect for bodyboarding.

Turtle Bay

A serene bay with green sea turtles and gentle surf, perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Waimea Bay

Famous for surfing, it's also great for swimming and offers stunning views.

Waikiki Beach

The epitome of a Hawaiian beach experience, with white sand and gentle waves.

Hanauma Bay

A protected snorkeling spot in a volcanic cone, offering a unique underwater experience.

Lanikai Beach

Isolated yet accessible, it's known for water sports and fine white sand.